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At NetWest Online we offer the finest web design service available. This is due to the fact that we optimize every page placed on our server for speed, reliability and content.  Additionally, our designers are trained to produce professional pages that make your business stand out on the web.

Our placement policies are more strict than other servers.  This ensures that your business pages are not bogged down by ill-constructed, bloated sites that hamper server processing.

Our Web Design Set-up includes:
- Home page unique to your business, including your company logo
- Information page with images from company brochures or catalogues
- Registration to search engines and databases
- Order form or inquiry page for customer interaction
- Custom designed backgrounds and layouts
- Links to your home page and other requested sites 

Many providers list "a la carte" pricing sheets for you to figure out the price of your web site. We don't list item after item of costs for one reason - this simply does not work. You have the ideas for your site and we have the expertise. Get in touch with us and an account executive will meet with you and help you determine the best methods for building your site. All aspects of Web Site design and construction are available.

*NetWest's multiple direct connections to the Internet Backbone in Dallas, coupled with our state of the art digital equipment and high bandwidth capabilities, guarantees that no one in the Permian Basin/Big Country or Panhandle can offer a faster or more reliable service connection.


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